SPT (Sports Performance Tracking)

Redacción - Tradesport07/04/2017

SPT is wearable technologies company specialising in GPS for contact sports, a simplified and more affordable version of the category leader.

SPT are on the lookout for an amazing distributor to represent the brand in Spain and Portugal (and potentially other territories if the fit is right). They we are looking for is someone who understands technical products, has fantastic connections in Football and in retail but most importantly, they have passion for the brands they represent.

SPT is primarily for use during contact sports, with the GPS unit housed in a small vest siting between the shoulder blades with the team jersey worn over the top.

Once uploaded onto our cloud based Gametraka software, an individual or an entire team can compare their data from each training session or game providing the Team Manager, strength and conditioning coach, or individual with an extensive range of metrics to analyse and improve performance through targeted training.
The following link to their software demo site HERE, displays a summary on the Dashboard with an overview of individual performances including distance covered, overall session intensity, top speed and distance at Zone 6 running (sprinting in excess of 6m/s).

It is when you click on one of the yellow bars that the scope of the product is realised. An overview of the session is available in the summary at the top with a graphic break down of walk/jog/run intervals beneath it. Scrolling down to the bottom, a heat map is visible showing where an individual spent their time on the playing field. Columns to the left of this show the distance covered by the player at different Running Speeds during the game. By using the ‘time scroll’ across the bottom you can focus on player movement during a particular period of the game or the segment component allows due to isolate by quarters or halves with the Zone/Distance fields adjusting accordingly.

At the top of the page, the Events Tab allows the coaches to compare their players performances from the same event as well as looking at the individual players full metrics. The Team tab at the top provides a list of personal best’s for each player in the team.

SPT are also in the process of developing an update to the software that will present even more data for analysis with mobile/tablet enablement.


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